JSON schema specifications of blueqat Circuit

This documentations describe the JSON format of blueqat.Circuit.


When you want to send or receive the Circuit to/from remote servers, serialization is an effective way. Pickling is one of the traditional serializations in Python language. However, pickling is insecure when you communicate with unreliable servers or clients. Recently, JSON has been widely used as serializing format with unspecified machines. Therefore, we make specifications of blueqat Circuit JSON formats.

Serialize and deserialize function

blueqat.circuit_func.json_serializer.serialize and blueqat.circuit_func.json_serializer.deserialize are provided.

Version 1

JSON schema version 1 is available from blueqat version 0.4.6.

Circuit := { "schema": Schema, "n_qubits": int, "ops": [Op...] }
Schema := { "name": "blueqat-circuit", "version": "1" }
Op := { "name": lowername-of-operation, "targets": [int...], "params": [number...] }
lower-name-of-operation := the name of gates, operations. e.g. "x", "h", "cx", "measure", ...
int:= integer number
number:= number